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πŸ‘‰ Value of vision test conducted on iOS

What value does online vision tests with eye tracking on iOS have?

  • Hardware dependency: less barrier of entry as the devices are commonly available and used
  • Native environment: with no requirements of additional hardware the vision test can be conducted in normal and well-known settings
  • Convenience: where and whenever the user pleases
  • Mobility: an on-the-go-solution fitting into anyone’s calendar as no stationary equipment with plug-ins is needed
  • Light stimulus: having objects with different or changing light level to detect color vision and perception of colors
  • Color stimulus: having objects in different colors or even objects that change colors according to the users’ completion of tasks
  • Movement stimulus: having an object to β€œcross” the screen to detect eyes’ movements
  • Sound stimulus: if needed, the guidance of the vision test can be made through recorded speak in combination with a visual narrative
  • Light sensitivity: possibility of flashing light and/or blinks at a certain ratio to detect light sensitivity
  • Chronicle: preserve vision progression and past records while making them available on-demand
  • Location: know where the customer are located to further optimize marketing and/or reference to brick-and-mortar stores. Also know the altitude to decide the surrounding pressure on the eyes.
  • Alignment: built-in gyroscope makes sure that the device itself can be leveled during the whole vision test
  • Point-of-contact: this can be a natural gateway to the customers going forward
  • Frequency: how often do your customers β€œcheck-in”? Are there any customers you can up-sell to based on their online behavior?

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