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πŸ‘‰ Value of hands-free vision tests

What value does online vision tests with hands-free eye tracking on iOS have?

  • Error margin: as no finger are needed for operating the test itself, the likelihood of typos are decreased if not evaporated completely
  • Screen distance: can make sure that the same distance to the screen is retained throughout the entire session
  • Disability: bridging people with severe disabilities to independently perform vision tests and hereby be more inclusive
  • Gamification: as the vision test can be performed with dynamic and moving elements, it is the assumption that customer stickiness will increase due to enhancement of gamification
  • Relevance: as we test our eyes’ vision, it only make sense to have them in focus at all time, quite literally
  • Decluttering: as interactive eye tracking can perform more tasks within the same screen, the overall number of screens are decreased hence better UI/UX
  • Constant focus: no unnecessary navigation and interruptions from movements of fingers
  • Impartiality: *****strict objectivity is enforced as one has to perform the tasks presented in the very environment where they already are making it impossible to get second thoughts and thereby giving incorrect answers at another screen in the test, e.g. β€œwhat did you just see?”, β€œselect the number you were shown”.*
  • Data points: collect more data from active behaviour based on predefined dynamic tasks rather than static tracking
  • Concentration: ensuring that users are attentive towards the correct things and monitoring that attention span is not thinned out during the session
  • Fraud: it is near impossible to cheat which is especially interesting for vision tests in pilot examiniation, military training programs, DUI-drivers, flight operators, vision insurance, etc. Current vision tests have an element of "guessing" which will obviously continue to be embodied in eye tracking tests, yet the degree of guessing is significantly decreases as the technology can detect your focus, dwell time, attention span, clenched eyes, etc., which can help determine a more nuanced picture of one's vision.
  • Instructions: clear and intuitive instructions can be made as the vision test can be conducted frictionless

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