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Measure mobile attention for

Attention is the most valuable commodity in the digital space. Why are we not collecting it? The greatest data source to build better products, design, and sticky experiences are right in front of our eyes. Go uncover the potential hidden in plain sight: your user’s attention.  

Utilizing the sensors already available in common everyday devices, commercialized attention tracking is now emerging at a fast pace. New and existing products can now add more value to your company’s core.


The greatest asset is attention. Now, go uncover it.

Don’t shoot in the dark. Attention translates directly to profit yet most businesses still do not measure it. Now, you can collect the most important insight of user behavior, the data that is right in front of the user’s eyes. It is about uncovering potential hidden in plain sight.




Empowering you to build better experiences

Attention Capture

Refine the complete user journey on mobile devices with a new layer of data to increase customer stickiness and data-driven decisions.

Eye Enabled Navigation

Without the need for expensive and specialized hardware, the technology opens for new methods of interaction on mobile devices, e.g. scroll, select, change, or gamify new experiences.


A new beginning for...

  • UX & UI
  • Vision test
  • Tangible Research
  • ... And much more

Deeper user understanding

Understand user attention, engagement, interaction and perception directly natively within your products.

Increase competitive advantage

Attention is a competitive advantage. It means profit. Now you can capture it.

Enhance customer journeys

With better understandings of user’s mobile journey, customer stickiness will increase

Soften up the vanity metrics

Deepen the engagement by adding a human layer to clicks, likes, shares, churn, and time consumption.


Improved remote pre-screening

Better remote infrastructure to reach new and existing audiences while providing impartial data to act upon.

Pre-funnel screening tool

Know what, where, when, and for how long users look at certain objects

Shared gaze direction in real-time

Remote solution with the option of live consultancy and instructions in real-time

Accurate measurements

Live measurement of pupillary distance and screen distance. Embed calibration inside the visual test.


Remote research of physical goods

Gaze data coupled with video stream to capture the perception of physical objects.

Pre-funnel screening tool

Know what, where, when, and for how long users look at certain objects

Shared gaze direction in real-time

Remote solution with the option of live consultancy and instructions in real-time

Accurate measurements

Constant measurement of pupillary distance and screen distance. Also possible to embed calibration inside the visual test.

Remote Meetings
Manual Instructions
Additional Navigation
Visual Training
Online Support
Games & Arcade
Remote screen-sharing
Hands-free Hygienic
Adaptive Learning

The tracking revolution is...


Reach rural, busy, young, and disabled audiences at the comfort of their capabilities and capacity.


Reliable and unbiased data capture that tells the story as it is; no filters or BS, just better data-decisions. 


An on-demand solution at the convenience of your customers, and at the comfort of their sofa.


Do more with less $$ as cost-to-serve is decreased with less dependency on brick-and-mortar rental


Let vision tests focus on what matters; the vision. Get eye-enabled navigation during the session.

Software only

No need of external hardware hence current and new customers can get served outside office hours

Get started in the blink of an eye

The Obital framework is an end-to-end framework for eye tracking on mobile devices. By using sensors already available in everyday devices, modern companies can broaden their insights of human perspective through mobile eye tracking with just a few lines of code.

override func viewDidLoad() {
    // Create the Session Manager
    sessionManager = SessionManager()
    // Start Eye Tracking

Choose your adventure

Do It Yourself

You are a self-starter, maybe within a start- or scaleup, and have a “move-fast-break-things”-mentality where you know the inside-out of your company’s engine room. Read more...

Do It Together

  1. Get self-serve access to the candy shop.
  2. Sugar-coat your product all by yourself.
  3. Get to know which candy is most preferred.
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Do It Together

You have resources at your disposal to develop a new product or to optimize an existing application but would like a partner in crime during the process, either for a second opinion or to outsource parts of the development. Read more...

Do It Together

  1. Define scope of project, milestones, time, responsibility, and get a quote.
  2. Mutual alignment means mutual commitment hence you pay as the project moves forward.
  3. What started as an idea, is now reality, and you continue to have the comfort of a collaborative partner.
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Done For You

This is the enterprise-option, the “Make Others Do It For You”-solution, as it encompasses a complete end-to-end application project. Read more...

Done For You

  1. Define full scope of project, wireframes, design, functionality, data capture and integrations.
  2. Get quote on up-front commitment and upper financial limit for full project upon delivery.
  3. Get the option of having after-delivery support and maintenance.
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Go mobile, just as your users

  • Ditch the specialized and expensive hardware and go mobile
  • Conduct attentive research in native at-home-environments
  • Overcome geographical boundaries and reach all kinds of users