Eye Tracking Made Accessible

Obital has developed the world's most affordable and accessbile eye-tracking software. No complicated calibration or external hardware required. Running on any regular smartphone

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Eye Tracking

High performance monocular eye-tracking and gaze estimation. Capable of running on mobile devices and regular PC's. Requires a single front-facing camera. No external illumination or hardware required.


Easily add advanced eye control to any application. Ensure a great user experience while maintaining robustness and efficiency. Make sure that user interaction is consistent across devices and platforms.


We give eye tracking to the people who needs it most. Eyetell is one of the first eye interaction based communication tools for disabled. Want to be a tester? Please don't hesitate to sign up!

Experience unlimited opportunities with eye tracking

Obital is a tech-company focusing on the rapidly developing eye tracking technology and the commercialisation of it. The technology opens up for new types of interaction and data. Most importantly, it will open up for completely new markets.

At Obital, our mission is to take advantage of this technology to create value for the end users while accessing markets previously inaccessible due to the expensive and complicated hardware required.

Our product develops and uses this new technology while building our interaction platform for eye tracking. In the long term, this platform will allow other developers to do the same.


Meet Eyetell

Eyetell is a tool developed for people with physical challenges such as Cerebral Palsy, ALS or Spinal Cord Injuries. The tool provides everything needed for an easy and efficient communication. By running on a regular tablet, it is highly accessible and affordable without any compromise on delivering high quality eye tracking interaction. Eyetell works by using the front facing camera of a tablet or smartphone to find the user’s eyes. Using Obital’s technology, it is possible to find out which letters the user is looking at. This way the user can easily enter text only using their eyes.

About us

Obital is a team of computer scientists and entrepreneurs, all coming from an academic background. Our expertise is in computer vision and user centered digital design. 

Obital was founded in 2017 as a university spin-out from the Technical University of Denmark. We have since received high recognition for our innovations. Our hope is to remove the limits of humanity, increase its freedom and thereby quality of life. We believe this can be achieved with technology created for everyone at an affordable price.

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Our Partners

We’re proud to work with some of the best organisations within technology and innovation. Our board & investors includes leading scientists, succesful entrepreneurs and corporate executives. We strive to create an ethical and sustainable business, making useful technology accessible by anyone.

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